Central Digital | UI/UX Design, Web Development, Intelligence | Latin America, El Salvador

We're a UI/UX Design, Web Dev and Intelligence Studio based in Latin America with a global crew _

Crafting digital solutions with artisanal precision

Central Digital | Custom Design Solutions


We believe that a correct design process is a critical factor in the success of any digital assets. We offer personalized design services that adapt to your specific needs. Our artisanal approach ensures that each design is unique and specifically tailored to your brand.

  • Digital Branding Assets
  • User Interface/Experience Design
  • Prototyping
Central Digital | Web Development Websites and Cloud/Servers Solutions


We offer custom web development and elastic cloud services. Our crew work closely with you to ensure that your website is fast, secure, and easy to use. We focus on crafting websites and infrastructure that not only look great but also work efficiently.

  • Web Applications / Landings
  • Web Infrastructure (Servers, Domains, Clouds, Warehouses, Networks)
  • Support, maintenance and provisioning
Central Digital | Digital Intelligence Unit. Research and Ops


We offer custom intelligence services focused on optimizing your data-driven strategies and tactics, we also offer monitoring and operations to protect your digital properties.

  • Research and analysis of audiences and online behaviours
  • Monitoring, research and security for digital assets
  • Ops against online threats

Brands that we boost! 🚀

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